Cita Medica Dr. Juan Jose Moreno Platero

Specialist Digestive System and Endoscopy Physician

Dr. Juan José Moreno Platero

Welcome to my clinic in Marbella specialized in Digestive System, offering a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of digestive disorders, combining advanced technology and always with humane and personalized treatment to my patients.

Digestive System Specialist in Marbella

Gastroenterology and Endoscopy

In my practice, I diagnose, treat and monitor digestive diseases. Each patient is unique, so I offer personalised approaches to treating their disease. My commitment is to provide high-quality, comprehensive care, supporting each of my patients through their journey to better digestive health. Below is a list of the digestive diseases I most frequently work with:

Advanced Solutions for your Digestive Health

Specialised Gastroenterology and Endoscopy care in Marbella to suit your unique needs

Dr. Juan José Moreno Platero

Diagnostic Techniques

I employ the most advanced techniques for the diagnosis of digestive disorders. I use procedures such as Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy to identify the cause of symptoms and implement accurate treatments. Below are the main techniques to help you recover and maintain your digestive health.



Digestive Ultrasound

Endoscopic biopsy

Endoscopic polypectomy

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